Liminka is the fastest growing municipality in Finland; right now we have approximately 10 000 inhabitants. Our location is excellent; near the city of Oulu (20 minutes) and near the airport (15 minutes). In Liminka you live close to the nature, but also close to services. For tourists Liminka offers a variety of experiences for those interested in nature, culture or history. Liminka is also an attractive place for companies.

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Liminganlahti Nature Centre A bird watcher’s paradise and the most important nature sight in Liminka! Liminganlahti is a valuable bird water area, and the nature centre offers a bird exhibit from Metsähallitus and comprehensive meeting and recreational services. Address: Rantakurvi 6.

Finnature A tour operator and program service provider specializing in nature and bird travels. The nature travels of Finnature offers people the chance to experience the wonders of nature while being guided by professionals. 045-129 4264,

Arboretum of Alakestilä A tree and shrub park; 120 tree species and 60 shrubs in a fascinating environment. The park is open for visitors from 8 AM to 8 PM. Trees and shrubs are equipped with nameplates, so getting to know the park can be done by oneself. Address: Värminkoskentie 20.

Escurial - flower and animal park About 360 animals, donkey and pony riding, castle café with possibility for e.g. family celebrations, cabin accommodations, summer flower sales and a lot more. Open every day 10 AM to 8 PM from May to the end of September. Address: Paavolantie 83 C, 91900 Liminka, tel. +358 8 384 903.

Old Liminka and the Museum area

Rantatie, a road beside the LiminganjokiRiver, used to be the centre of Liminka. Farmhouses on both sides of the river formed a typical ribbon development. All services, stores and offices that the rural village needed were also in these houses. There were no separate office and business buildings as there are today; the environment was very consistent and down-to-earth. As the railway was built at the end of the 19th century, a station village was born by the railway station, which is the current business centre. The moving of the through traffic outside the centre in the 1960’s helped change Old Liminka into a partially conserved cultural heritage and a green oasis.

The Vilho Lampi museum is located at Kivikoulu, the oldest folk school building of Northern Finland, converted into an art museum in 1972. This renaissance-styled plastered brick house is kept in its original shape. It accommodates and presents variable exhibitions during the summer and the museum’s own collection during the winter.

Memorial home Aappola is the museum of opera singer and vocal pedagogue Abraham Ojanperä (1856-1916) and it was originally his villa and home. Ojanperä had built a carpenter-style two-storey extension to the old building in 1912 and he named the extension “Aappola”. A great part of his inheritance is on display at the museum.

There was a bridge over theLiminganjokiRiver by each house in the past. The present two bridges in Old Liminka are built in an 1800s’ style in order to bring to mind the past and to enrich the appearance of the riverside.

Museum area is open 7.6 - 9.8.2012 tue-sun 12 - 18. Address: Rantatie.

The Liminka School of Art The oldest Finnish language folk school, the Liminka folk school, was established in 1892 in Arvola, a place known as an old inn and courthouse. The old buildings of the school were built at the end of the 1800s, and the new buildings representing the so-called Oulu school style were built in 1982. The first fine arts line of study in Finland was started here in 1966. Soon, the line of study replaced all other lines at the school; the Liminka School of Art was born, which also arranges courses during the summer. Address: Arvolankuja 1.

Church of Liminka Liminka is one of the oldest parishes of Northern Ostrobothnia; it became independent at the end of the 1400’s. The present church (5th in the region) of Liminka was finished in 1826. Open during the Summer mon-fri 10-14 (guide on location), also by reservation. Address: Kirkkotie. Tel. +358 440 752 1220.


Restaurant specialities

Fish restaurant Vihiluodon kalakauppa & keittiö. Vihiluodon Keittiö prepares fish dishes on the spot from fresh fish as well as serves cold and hot smoked salmon from their own smokehouse. The kitchen uses local whitefish, perch, pike, trout and salmon from both the Gulf of Bothnia and the Arctic Ocean. The kitchen cooks simple and tasty local food, which is based on the seasonal fish. Address: Rytiniementie 4, Tupos.

Liminganlahti Nature Center. Restaurant in the middle of nature. Address: Rantakurvi 6. Tel. +358 40 832 1781.

Helmen pirtti. Idyllic farmhouse from 1800-century. Timber sauna, home museum, handicraft store, art exhibition. Restaurant, meeting and celebrity facilities. Address: Ketunmaantie 1. Tel. +358 400 582 474.



Värminkoski Camping,  Värminkoski is peaceful and confortable camping in the middle of nature on the VT- 8 4 km from Liminka. The camping site includes 11 gottages, caravan- and tentplaces, facility building with showers, toilets and sauna. There is also cosy cafe and information building, kitchen and grillplace. Address: Raahentie 71. Tel. +358 40 708 4103.

Liminganlahti Nature Center. Address: Rantakurvi 6. +358 40 832 1781.

Escurial, cottage lodging. Address: Paavolantie 83. +358 8 384 903.