Childcare and education

Our school system, from early age education all the way to upper-secondary (high school) education, forms a body of services relating to children and young people’s growth, learning and welfare. In our nurseries and schools there is systematic development being made in widening and diversifying the services.

There are emphasised learning services available in Liminka. An English/Finnish bilingual programme begins in pre-school and continues until the end of upper-secondary school. Liminka language programme from early age education to graduating upper-secondary school offers all children and young people an opportunity to gain diverse language skills. Mathematics-oriented learning begins in secondary school and continues on to upper-secondary education.

In Liminka the pupils and students’ welfare and pedagogic support are in the core of school life. Our three-step support system procedures are constantly being developed, and new operatives have been brought in such as a school psychologist and a school youth leader. All pre- and primary schools collaborate to provide flexible early childhood education. Children’s wellbeing is also emphasised with extensive club activities alongside the school day.