Current restrictions

Current restrictions and recommendations in Northern Ostrobothnia


  • Event organisers are recommended to pay special attention to allowing the participants to have the opportunity for safe distancing

Face masks are recommended for the following situations (applicable to over 12-year-olds)

  • Public transport
  • People on their way to a corona test site and prior to receiving the test results, when they have an essential reason to be in public
  • Travellers arriving to Finland and travelling from the border to quarantine or if during quarantine they have an essential reason to be in public
  • In schools from grade 6 onward and in secondary education (including high schools) and universities
  • Indoor work places, if there are several people working or using the same space.
  • Hobbies and volunteer work spaces, if there are several people using the space.
  • Public indoor spaces and events with audience

Working from home

  • Working from home is recommended if there is a possibility to work remotely. Other work arrangements that reduce contact at work places are also recommended.

Elderly and risk groups

  • Public and private service providers must follow strict safety measures that protect high risk groups from coronavirus infection.
  • Safety measures follow THL guidance and can be found in this link
  • Consider well before visiting loved ones who are at risk. Masks and good hand hygiene are recommended.

Frequently asked questions 

  • You can find information here.