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Approximately 300 students study at Liminka Upper Secondary School and there are around 20 members of staff. Most students come from Liminka and the surrounding area and they are between 15 and 19 years old (school years 10-12). Liminka is a 30-minute ride from Oulu, the biggest town in Northern Finland.

We place a lot of emphasis on taking care of the well-being, both psychological and physical, of our students. We want to provide an environment where the students are able to find friends and feel comfortable around each other and the staff. We aim to prepare them for life after upper secondary school and encourage them to follow their dreams. We want to ensure that the students’ workload does not get to be too much as they also need time for life outside school.



We follow the Finnish national upper secondary school curriculum which means the students complete 150 study points over 3 years if they follow the schedule provided. In certain situations the schedule can be personally taylored to fit the student’s circumstances. The school offers support services such as study counseling and psychologist’s appointments.

The four focus areas in our school’s philosophy are STEAM pedagogy, business studies, cross-cultural interaction, and communality.